First blog post

This is the post excerpt.


I started this Blog because blogging encourages interjections into conversations, and it thrives off of familiarity. Recently I experienced the worst thing an individual can ever experience in life. My boyfriend was shot and killed by a police officer and taken away from his children and I. I want to tell my story the way I want to tell my story to ensure that all information included is factual. I am hoping to help others in similar situations as well as receive any encouraging support. I feel that blogging will force me to teach myself what I don’t know and articulate what I do know while dealing with this horrific situation. Hopefully blogging will help me organize my thoughts. Writing out my thoughts is a great way to internalize what I have experienced. I feel this will help me become more familiar in regards to learning how to deal with the death of my boyfriend/kids father.

The Start of it All

On a regular Saturday morning of April 29th, 2017 , Detectives came knocking on my front door, only to tell me that my boyfriend Caleb Jackson Jr. (Cj) was shot and killed at a near by Bar (The Pondo Café) by a Newport News police officer. The shock of his death was like a punch to my face. Having to had identify him through a picture saddens me to my soul. That moment will forever be painted in my head. For weeks, a lot of confusion, rage and disbelief descended. Still, there are so many unanswered questions. I ask myself over and over again ” how do I continue to live with this?” We have three children that needed him. My heart hurts more for them than anything. He was very involved in their lives. He cared more about our children than he probably cared about himself. Who would of known that Friday night would of been my last time seeing him, last time hearing from him. There are really no words that can express how disgusted I am about his death. I’m still stunned. As time passes, I still miss him. I still look for him to walk through our front door. Facing my future without him scares me. After years of being a couple, it is upsetting to be alone. Many people find it helps to have things to do throughout your day, but even still, I cant seem to shake this feeling no matter what I do. I am fighting for closure for our family. I need to know what really happened! Why was he killed? For the sake of Cj and his family I will get justice.